2015 Toyota Yaris sedan ยุโรปจะเอาโฉมไทยไปขาย????

2015 Toyota Yaris renovation

The new Yaris purportedly will be slightly freshened the present version. Changes to the exterior and interior can be so characterized. However the 2015 Yaris brings a lot of uniqueness. Cooperation between Toyota and Mazda company, refers to using Mazda SKYACTIV engines in readying 2015 Toyota Yaris. The drive device of the new Mazda2, whose production starting this year, will certainly offer for the launch of the new Yaris version. Most likely the exact same quantity as previously, 1.3 L and 1.5 L engines will be helped by the SKYACTIV technology. This would mostly indicate a little displacement with a high-compression ratio direct-injection device. 2015 Toyota Yaris